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mediengruppe mfg

Because times that move us need moving pictures.

We are your creative and production partners for audio-visual media. Our core business is the full-service production of video and film.

For more than 25 years we have been putting our experience to work as a partner for industry, trade, service providers, institutions as well as public and private television.

Let us know what moves you!

Conception and writing of the script

for films and all other audio-visual media. Our authors make almost anything possible: from complex scientific topics to the craziest film ideas.

Camera crews

or any shoot - commercials, journalism, event documentation or your personal film project. Cranes, gimbals, drones, sliders, dollies - we capture every move for you.


the creative talents of our cutters, graphic designers and 3-D artists make connections visual, make the invisible visible and the complicated simple.


on a wide screen or on a thousand screens - we project your event live to a video screen or put a final touch on it in editing before streaming it over the internet.

Event technology

for your great performance - whether analog, digital or hybrid: light, camera, sound, control room technology, plus the right staff and years of experience, will make your event look brilliant.

Studio construction/System integration

tailored to your needs: Well-founded know-how in state-of-the-art technologies - and always the optimal product for your application. Manufacturer-independent consulting, installation and support from a single source - contact us for production equipment, broadcast technology and special solutions.


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